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Comment: Have you ever studied the "Dark Ages"?---Called that

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Have you ever studied the "Dark Ages"?---Called that

because men lived in darkness, ignorance, and fear. The Roman Catholic Church ruled with an iron fist and their greatest fear was the Word of God getting into the common peoples' language and hands. They knew that it would set people free from their bondage. That's why they burned men at the stake for putting God's word in English. (Study William Tyndale) The Dark Ages finally came to an end when the Bible was distributed in the vulgar or common tongue. Men now knew that they didn't need the church, but could go directly to God through his son. The word of God sets people free, it doesn't enslave them.

However, our officials know that Americans don't read their Bibles so they may as well be written in Arabic. They can misquote and use the scriptures to control people because people are so busy entertaining themselves and focusing on temporal pleasures.

So I say, indulgence is a much quicker way to enslavement than believing in God.

Christians should not be warmongers!