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I never said anything even

I never said anything even remotely close to such, that the Laws of Nature equate to the legal system. In fact, quite contrary. The laws of nature exist, they are not created and they are never ending. The legal system is created, and changes all the time.

Nature only preys on the weak as a means of survival, of necessity. A predator may encounter numerous prey, but only takes what he needs out of necessity. There is no violation of "code" is such, it is the way the world turns. Pack animals may have a dominant individual that "leads" the pack, the strongest of the pack. But the weakest of the pack stays by choice and benefit, not by force. The idea that the legal system is based upon morality is laughable. That it SHOULD be, I agree. It is not, it is based upon the strong dominating the weak through government decree.

I would agree that the legal system has many examples of protecting the weak from the strong. It also has many more examples of the ILLUSION of protecting the weak from the strong, and in so doing conquering the weak for the benefit of the strong. The 14th Amendment which created the legal person is one example where the legal system pretended to protect the weak, but in fact created the Corporate personhood which enabled certain individuals to circumvent justice in economic matters. Most of the ill we face today are the result of the 14th Amendment and the creation of corporate personhood, including 650 trillion in derivatives. Individuals, including very wealthy ones would not risk their life and fortunes to the extent that we currently see. Corporate personhood with its immunity from the law for individuals removes those risks.

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