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If You...

...are disagreeing with 'my style' that is fine, because I don't care about people's emotive reactions (hate is amongst them).

If you are disagreeing about the NRA information, I would be interested in hearing your reasoning.

If people hate me for whatever reason that is fine. I simply don't care.

If people hate 'my cause' and/or discount information based on the bearer/vehicle/delivery style, well, that speaks directly to the underlying ethic of those people, not the bearer of the info or 'my cause'.

Information is neutral. It can be received either positively or negatively, but that reception to the content is based on the knowledge, understandings, experience, beliefs, ethic, philosophy etc, of the receiver.

I have sound and deliberate reasons to do things the way I do and I am not desirous of fleshing them out here. The desired effect of what I do has been confirmed sufficient times to support my reasoning and to expose the falsity of what many people claim to support.

Where it comes to Liberty issues, I call them as I see them.