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Comment: is (Re)Launching!!

(See in situ) is (Re)Launching!!

Introducing (aka RevolutionSingles)!

This is the go-to site to find other liberty-minded people. No more uncomfortable first dates where you think he or she is cute, only to realize there's not much substance there! Know from the get-go that you have the important things in common.

So come all ye Libertarians, Voluntaryists, Fiscal Conservatives, Ron Paul Republicans, Rothbardians, Anarchists, Jeffersonian Democrats, and find the partner(s) of your dreams.

This is a fully grass roots site- no buying of mailing lists. So to help get it started we need real people like you, and we're offering a free trial membership to the first 500 people. Send an email to with "Sign me up" in the subject line, and you will be notified as soon as the site is live (next couple of weeks). Spread the word!

Onward for Love,
Liberty Cupid