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I would contact Euro Pacific Capital. I should mention that I am in no way affiliated w/ EPC but I do trust Peter Schiff when it comes to investing.

Buying Swiss Francs doesn't make a whole lot of sense by the way when you can invest in dividend paying Swiss stocks in safe companies (e.g. public utilities). That way you get dividends plus currency appreciation (assuming the USD depreciates vs the Swiss Franc). But investing in prepper type stuff (food, water, toiletries, etc) seems like a good idea. At worst, you can always just use these items.

I'd still say you should buy some precious metals and store them somewhere outside the banking system just to protect yourself in case things really spiral out of control. Doesn't have to be that much but whatever you're comfortable with. And of course, you can buy PMs and store them overseas (though you'd be taking on risk that these overseas companies won't steal your PMs). Then again, there's risk in everything.

If you're a believer that price inflation is going to go much higher then I wouldn't hold on to USD (which one user recommended you do).