Comment: imagine ron paul had your attitude

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imagine ron paul had your attitude

and instead of talking to kucinich he just called him a commie.

honestly even if tech is a commie...i don't care. it's not like it's within his power to turn the usa into russia. instead of looking for the 1% of disagreement why not work together on the 90% of stuff we agree on. The name calling on here is a joke. No-one is good enough, not me, not you, not michael, not rand, not ron, no anyone. Yeah let's just sit here saying no-one is good enough and see where that gets us.

honestly i'm starting to think these people that sit around telling us that no-one is good enough don't have the best interests of liberty at heart, all they seem to want to do it put up road blocks. we'll never have perfection and if we wait around for perfection we'll be waiting forever.

If mao was alive today and he said the drone policy was shit I'd agree with him regardless. His politics would be irrelevant. You partisan people sicken me. Look at these democrats suddenly think torture and drones are great because obama is doing it not bush. It's not great no matter if you are right or left. STOP FALLING INTO THIS STUPID LEFT/RIGHT TRAP. There's RIGHT and there's WRONG. Chose your side and stop hiding behind politics.