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...cutting edge...9/11 truth resonates with young people NOW that they see Bush and Obama have quadrupled the debt in a matter of 15 years, pretty much since.9/11....with the wars/homeland security grid being the highest percentage of liabilities imposed/charges to the taxpayer account; which doesn't happen without the 9/11 event.

We need the YOUTH to vote, outvote really; the dumb, resisting, and self-absorbed voters who want LARGESSE from the public treasury to SUBSIDIZE their lifestyle either in government contracts, government grants to academic projects that bear NO fruit and NO benefits, or social welfare for.people who CHOOSE to either game the system, or simply not work!

now, the understood questions regarding the physics brought to us by MANY professionals for 9/11 truth, taking a BOLD stand against a LYING government and media; this is Ameica's "spring"....this administration is tightening the screws, they're going for it ALL; now is the time to court the youth and get vocal....again...mathematically, this path has been unsustainable since 9/11....the spending alone since Reagan [ ] was the nightmare inevitable WARNING of all brave men who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank scam since it's inception!!!

Dammit, how I want Dick Durbin's U.S. Senate seat in help Rand and Justin Amash!!!!!!
I need those 4,500+ students who came out to see Ron Paul nearly one year ago at the University of Illinois to GET BUSY turning this state upside down for THEIR future...I'll run for state.representative, state senator, whatever....I just need that YOUTH to say "we're with ya, man....go!!!!...we've got your back!"

How did Obama get elected? JUST LIKE THAT!