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Nope. I get paid every twice

Nope. I get paid every twice a month. My check is either $800 or $880. So always less than $1,800 a month. My rent is only $360 and all I have is a room smaller than 12' x 12'. $1,800 is a fortune for me and would give me about a one-month buffer. It would put me ahead instead of living from paycheck to paycheck. If I was just given a year's pay, I would consider myself rich compared to how I've been living previously. I could dump that right into property or a car, neither of which I even have now. So yeah, it offends me when people act like $1,800 is almost nothing to any class of people. Imagine how much better life would be for people like me if I didn't have to pay taxes and have health insurance. I don't even utilize any socialism the federal government has to offer. I don't mind paying state and local taxes. They're nothing, but still pointless. Stuff like fire protection should be paid for when it's used, just like if you use an ambulance they send you or your insurance a bill. What are they going to do as everything gets safer and there are fewer fires? You can't just use taxes to pay people to stand around waiting for fires.

Also, people don't bank from youtube unless they are getting millions of hits on a single video. I know they also don't even pay you until a certain amount, so you can't just cash out on a small amount sitting around from a stagnant video.

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