Comment: $55 billion in equity?

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$55 billion in equity?

$55 billion in equity?

That's a bad joke...that's like saying Apple and Google are more powerful than the Federal Reserve.

General Motors anyone? What was that, over a hundred billion $, right?

If the US government keeps 9 sets of books, the Fed keeps at least 18.

Why did China just say the dollar will remain the world's leading currency for decades to come?

How many foreign banks did the Fed bailout after the market collapsed in 2008?

How many countries are now DEPENDENT upon the dollar?

The LAST thing China, and EU wants is a dollar collapse....because if the dollar collapses, the dollars we owe them will become practically worthless if they lose over 75% of their value.

The game is over, for those who wish to see the Almighty US Dollar destroyed.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.