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My insults merely accompany the illustrations and points I made. The fact that you dislike or disagree with one or both, notwithstanding.

What Farrakhan has said stands on its own.

What I have posted stands on its own.

What you have posted stands on its own and it shines brightly.

This issue has provided an excellent chalkboard for me to illustrate the fallacy of your belief that Farrakhan is and should be a liberty speaker.

It has provided an excellent opportunity to engage in some much needed and critically valuable 'compare & contrast', some blunt fact contrasted against wide-eyed false belief and faux-principles and provided the illustration as to the danger (as I see it) of some of you purported 'liberty-advocates' and what you/they insidiously bring to the table in the name of 'Liberty'.

Those who read can and will come to their own conclusions one way or the other, but there is no cover left available for you, me or anyone else, reference this subject and the larger issue.

Funny how that works, huh?