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Comment: As your client, assuming that

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As your client, assuming that

As your client, assuming that I want these cards for a business and I will therefore want a receipt for my taxes...I will want a receipt that reflects the price I paid for silver, not a receipt for $9. UNLESS, you offer me a reduced rate that will benefit me not to use it as a deduction on my taxes.

And then, so long as you send each of those silver dollars as $1, you fine and you won't have any problem with the IRS. But if you go and sell those coins for their silver value, and do not report the capital gains, you'll have a problem if they discover you. Its tax evasion, and ultimately comes down to whether or not you can get away with it.

A similar "scheme" has already been tried by a man in Nevada who was paying his workers in gold eagles at face value. When I say tried, I mean the it has gone to court. The IRS does not read the face value, they read the market value of the metal. Its no different then paying with a Van Gogh or a cow. The IRS sees it as barter and insist that a true market value be reported. Look up barter in the IRS literature for more info...

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