Comment: Rand Paul has an uphill

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Rand Paul has an uphill

Rand Paul has an uphill battle against his father's fans because he is not a, "Ron Paul Puritan."

We are not going to here Rand Paul say, "We ought to close all of our bases over the globe and simply bring our troops home, and mind our own business."

That's not how the world works anymore...sad, but true.

Americans are smart enough to understand what a power vacuum is, and I'm not talking about a Hoover.

There will ALWAYS be a, "King of the Hill." If the United States folds up and goes home, some other nation will move in....naturally.

Rand Paul is not going to say Iran isn't a threat to the United States.

Rand Paul is not going to say Israel should get zero dollars from the United States. I think many Americans are smart enough to realize and understand how Israel stands at the tip of the Western world.

Only in the West can a person freely make fun of a deity, and even make money off of it. I personally detest and deplore, "art," of the Virgin Mary with dung splattered all over her....but the absolute LAST thing I'd want to do is sentence the, "artist," or political dissident to death.

And that's what happens in Iran, China, Russia, and all over the Eastern (Muslim) world.

Poke fun at Allah? Next thing you know people want you dead.

Was I offended when Charlie Brown poked fun at Jesus? No, I thought it was funny.

But what happened when a political cartoonist made fun of Allah?

WHAT separates the West from the East?

A sense of humor.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.