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Comment: Gold is neither legal tender

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Gold is neither legal tender

Gold is neither legal tender in this country. Per government decree only FRN's are legal tender. You can argue this here all you want, but in the court of law it doesn't matter what your arguments are.

Additionally, gold and silver eagle ARE legal tender, but ONLY at face value. But do you believe that the gold coins that were used to pay his workers only cost him $50 each or only were bartered for the equivalent of $50 in goods/services?

These coins came from the US Mint. Someone somewhere along the way paid several hundred dollars apiece for them, and then someone somewhere along the way report them at face value to the IRS.

You can read about the case by searching Robert Kahre vs. the IRS. He was convicted of other violations of the "Code", along with the people that worked for him and his tax consultant for tax evasion.

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