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Baby and Bathwater again (counterfeit)

"Good is perhaps a perception that exists in the eye of the beholder?"

Bad can happen, each of us can be bad, that is the genuine fact, and so being good earns the good person all the credit (responsibility, accountability, in the face of measurable odds against being good) if not the glory.

The counterfeit version of responsibility/accountability/credit is the lie told so often and that is what feeds me to the point of being FED up.

Please understand that I do know, or think I know, the scripture viewpoint on people being bad, as in not being perfect, as my Dad said, over, and over, and over, and over, again to us kids, "nobody is perfect".

A quadrillion seconds ago is 30 million years ago?

Math is so cool.

"I was very wordy last week, I was recouping from the flu and got several threads going. If you will tell me what to concentrate on I can do that."

To me the process of finding the definition of Public is worth a measure of focused effort, and anyone on this planet, in my opinion can sit on the edge of their seat and see what you can come up with for the definition of Private.