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As it happens,

yes, millions of Americans are angry.

Turns out, getting royally screwed over does that to you. I agree with the premise, but not the conclusion. Anger is usually necessary to get anything done. 1776 ring any bells?

And yes, believe it or not, a drone operator dies exactly the same as any other human being.

Once again, you, Farrakhan, and his reverse-racist band of militant statist thugs and ex-gangsters can piss off.

Thank goodness those morons can't shoot worth a crap; they do their crimes at point-blank range most of the time. My area's filled with actual marksmen - and actual, freedom-loving Americans - that would put Farrakhan's racist goons to shame in both lethality and principles. Most of my friends voted Ron Paul, and nobody around here likes Romney OR Obama. I guarantee you that most of Farrakhan's collection of idiots and dropouts voted on color and nothing else.