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Intellectual property

is a subject of debate within the libertarian community.

Problem being (from a libertarian standpoint) that the government has to use force to enforce copyright protections. Libertarians don't like the use of force, except to defend one's life or property.

There is a debate coming up, and in true libertarian spirit, it looks to be a knife fight. Stephan Kinsella (who does not believe in IP) vs. Robert Wenzel, who does.

Details, and the first few slashes in the knife fight, here:

At the very least, it should be entertaining,

p.s. Brian, if I were to make a copy of the new U2 Album, after it was released, and I purchased a legal CD, and mailed it to you, would that be stealing?

Just curious.

What if instead of making a CD, I made a casette tape of it.

Were the mix-tapes of yore "theft?"

Just askin' (for the purpose of stretching the brain)


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