Comment: I love it!! All Of you rock! good to see

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I love it!! All Of you rock! good to see

I will pile on well after everyone else has made the tackle.

The Fed is printing 85 billion a month to buy bonds and mbs under
qe whatever and 57 billion in write downs means the fed is bankrupt??????

I mean seriously???

You are not gonna find a whole lot of love for the Fed here but it appears this 57 billion write down= bankruptcies argument holds no water here at least.

I Think the FED is gonna take a bigger bath than 2.5% whenever it unwinds...maybe it won't unwind look at Japan! Who is gonna take out the dollar or the FED for the love of Pete? I used to think the Swiss had it figured out, but their CB balance sheet is the size of their GDP now. All fiats are in a race to the gold !