Comment: I don't know much about this

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I don't know much about this

but I have teenagers so I'm pretty sure they know what this is and I need to let them know about it.

I found this comment from the linked article above interesting:

So I am paying for a service from company “A” and some random person/company is allowed to constantly snoop on and augment that service relationship even though they are not contractually engaged? Under the UCC, if the ISP acts against their contract to provide service based on the heresay of an unrelated 3rd party then both parties are exposing themselves to an egregious class action lawsuit. Look, I cannot go to your car insurance agency and say “hey, I saw him driving funny” and have them increase your rates. The reason why I cannot do this is because I am not a direct party to that contractual agreement, neither is my opinion a mater of fact – it is conjecture. Similarly, if I am interested to know if my name is being tossed around by the CCI, I cannot intercept all of their communications just to look for my name – under what strange laws would this scraping of information be legal, even if I did not keep any of the data? Ironically, such an act by me against the CCI would be legal if the CCI is legally able to do this. I will be calling Comcast tonight to stress their illegal position here.

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