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The CFR thing

is only a small part of Hagel's very inside and disturbing background. How can we support any insiders anymore? The insiders have destroyed America because they won't follow the law. So in the end the CFR thing has exactly the weight it deserves which is very little. The primary weighted issue is does someone follow the law or at least demand that the law be followed and contiunously work to re-establish a lawful government. The only one I have seen come close to this is Ron Paul.

Hagel helped create the modern war state and even had the media dog and pony show come out in full force 'against' him. This dog and pony show was completely contrived and targeted to make Hagel look like someone that would help 'change', hell they were even able to bring the Isreali war pigs to 'down' him. This was all bullshit because Hagel is their boy and will continue to expand the war state and even be willing to send military against Americans.

Wake up people. There is a lot of information on these people but it requires decades of careful study and building professional intelligence dosiers on these peoples' professional lives to really understand the bigger picture and how they fit together. Vote me down if you want. Hagel is a war pig and that is why he was selected by a war pig to be SECDEF. He is one of the leading architects of the drone warfare policy. If anyone here supports Hagel or anyone that supports him then you aren't doing the deeper detailed research on these people required to really understand who can be trusted and who cannot. Of course ultimately it is America's collective ignorance of all of these people that really got us in this mess to begin with. Can't you see that Jones comes out and makes this speech right as Hagel needs the final leg of support?? This is the senate that destroyed our freedom and our country, We are the People who's ignorance of the details is detroying our own freedom by believing this dog and pony show.

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