Comment: What Bugs The Hell Out Of Me

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What Bugs The Hell Out Of Me

Is how many people on DP are still stuck in so many government and religiously made up brainwashing paradigms and they can't seem to break out of them. They still think that elections are the answer, Jesus is the answer, reforming government is the answer etc. Same old tired beliefs that they have had pounded into their heads by public schools, preachers and the media. They think they are awake and enlightened yet they keep spouting the same old same old. Why won't people here try to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX? Answer, Because they are brainwashed sheep that can't for fear of going to Hell!

The stupid bears are a brainwashing tool whether you admit it or not. If you REALLY want your kids to be free then expose them to different ideas and let them MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS. Don't try to ENDOCTRINATE them with YOUR beliefs. DUHHHHH! And you call yourselves freedom lovers! WHAT A CROCK and what hypocrites you are! I saw a "teddy bear" that a neighbor of mine gave her kids that spoke. It raved about how Teddy Roosevelt became the father of "teddy bears" It told how Ted R's minions tied a baby bear to a tree for good old Teddy to "hunt" and shoot and how good old Teddy decided to let the baby bear go. (After the minions had killed its mom) and so they named bears "teddy bears" in honor of TR. What a great guy. NOT! It made me SICK to listen to. THIS WAS A TALKING BEAR! Nice toy to give little kids. Nothing like using toys for an agenda!

I don't claim to know all the answers but I can tell you from experience that "Christians" are full of it. I have been around the block with "Christians" and I can tell you that I have only met ONE and I mean ONE TRUE believer that lived what she preached. The rest have been mindless sheep following the indoctrination of tptb. BTW, I am not atheist or anarchist so don't go there!