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It's possbile that

the ISP can throttle your bandwidth although I would switch providers in a heartbeat if they tried it. These people are the dumbest of the dumb. They continually fight the market and never use their crippled minds to realize that the market will always seek the proper price for something, above ground or below. That price is based on supply and demand. Digital items are in an almost infinite supply limited only by such things as storage, bandwidth, visibility, digital protection schemes, etc. The artificial prices and restrictive methods that these mental midgets choose are what's driving the black market, the harder they make it for customers to get what they want at a reasonable price the more it will happen and nothing will stop it. They have every right to implement digital protection schemes if their customers will swallow them. These schemes are usually inconvenient and quickly defeated but if they want to waste their time pissing off their customers that's their choice, but it will also be their loss. You would think that at some point their rusty minds would start to slowly turn which makes me think that their real goal is total control of the internet and abolishment of online anonymity. They want a system of fake "property" rights dictated by a powerful cartel with prices dictated by fear and abuse. Copying a digital item takes nothing from the original creator so it cannot be stealing. People suppose that it hurts the creator's sales but there's no real proof that people can be forced into buying artificially costly items when alternatives are reduced. They just find other methods or entertain themselves in another way. Information wants to spread and those who oppose it are our enemies.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,