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Anger is like fuel

If you hold it in, a spark can ignite it. If you pump it into an engine (a constructive means) it can become the guts it takes to achieve a goal, and that is passion.

I can't say "nobody around here likes Obama". I have not met a Romney fan, but I know Obama fans.

It could be that LF's supporters voted on color, although I don't get the feeling that he is an Obama fan. I think he might dicribe Obama as a "white man in a black man's body", and why he says it's not about skin, but about the brain, and some brains are geared for corruptio (the white brain).

We talk about vaccinations, GMOs, floride, geoengineering, many issues that LF also talks about and has apparently by his vast and long winded vid collection (just reading titles is a book) for decades. Seems on some issues he's decades ahead of the LM. People say they are waking up.. well LF has been awake and screaming to the point of rage.

Now, some say that he is paid by the government to lead the NOI.

There's an issue I have a problem with, if that is true.