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Comment: Fluoridation Fun Facts

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Fluoridation Fun Facts

Many European countries have rejected water fluoridation in general. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Iceland, and Italy. A 2003 survey of over 500 Europeans from 16 countries concluded that "the vast majority of people opposed water fluoridation".

Israel has 65% fluoridation. Since most of the southern portion of Israel has naturally fluoridated water, the figure is probably closer to 100%.

China: 0% " It is believed that China stopped fluoridating the water because it lowered the IQ by 10-15 points."

Less than 1% of Japan practices water fluoridation.

Switzerland has no water fluoridation only because they decided to fluoridate domestic salt. Best check the ingredients on that Swiss chocolate.

Brazil 60%, Chile 70%, Australia and New Zealand have full fluoridation except for Christchurch, and Vietnam has only 4%.