Comment: RT really is a paradox...

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RT really is a paradox...

RT really is a paradox... you can find among the best and among the worst.

This piece is very deceptive.

First, knowing a bit about what kind of bureaucrats (in Europe, anyway) prepare the OECD's spreadsheet, I'd take their assessment with prudence re: all the supposedly disastrous rankings of the US compared to the rest of world.

But that's not what bothers me the most... indeed, the overall trend of assessments is likely to reflect some reality, and we can thank the utter statists and cronies ruling the US for more than 2 decades now, since Bush's NWO.


Pay CAREFUL attention at what is suggested.

Also, it's rather disturbing to see a Michael Moore giving morality lessons on a supposedly big corporate greedy taking over health and people's illnesses... The problem of healthcare is it is OVER MANAGED and of course you will find big pharma IN BED with the gov't cronies TO EXPLOIT ill people seen as commodities. Not to mention the tax payer, being EXTRACTED to fund the nonsense.

But of course, that's what Mr. Michael MORON Moore still doesn't get...

Oh wait, dumb me, no, he gets it actually: as a socialist, he doesn't WANT ANY PRIVATE BUSINESS AT ALL - what a hypocrite only envious to have a future role OF POWER at the head of the state, I suspect - a la Goebbels, probably, that's his domain.

Continuing with the "professor" and "infrastructures":

LISTEN CAREFULLY to the veiled propaganda FOR MORE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION actually... "Infrastructures" ? Sure, we see how that worked ALL THROUGHOUT Europe - except maybe for Germany, I suppose spared for now - France HAD GREAT infrastructure plans... think that prevented her FROM BEING BANKRUPT, NOW, eventually?

Debt is debt. GDP is GDP. How useful infrastructures can be once built IF NO-THE-FREAKING-BODY is able to keep their own wealth to use those, because over taxed?

Bah. Now the Greeks can scrap their railroads and (non precious) metals ... FOR FOOD, on the black markets. I guess that's still useful, yes, "infrastructures" for when SHTF. Strange tactics, though.


It's a beautiful STATIST propaganda, taking advantage of THE STATIST DISASTER AND ITS UNINTENDED consequences in the US, PRECISELY.

This is a WICKED, TWISTED argument made in that video.

Paranoia mode ON: I wouldn't be surprised to find the Chinese equivalent of the CIA behind this, although ...

/paranoia mode OFF...

... it's likely just a bunch of useful idiot socialists taking advantage of their making an assessment about the disaster COMING FROM THE SAME PILL they'd want to see the US take EVEN MORE.

"Market fundamentalism", really? What a joke.

I will let them the benefit of doubt as they were not so arrogant to blame it on "free markets"... but, still, blaming it on markets... ALL TOO EASY.

On RIGGED MARKETS, YES, by BIG government and FASCIST corporatism, yes.

RT makes REALLY WEIRD and POISONOUS pieces sometimes.

Or is it resentful aunt Russia behind this, or what?

Credits on the loss of freedoms in America - fair assessment.

DECEPTIVE, or CONFUSING on almost all other accounts - and WRONG, HAZARDOUS especially on the suggested or alluded to "solutions".

Sorry - my STATIST RADAR is hyper these days. Can't help.

But judge for yourself. Listen several times if necessary.

I'm staying here. And that's for helping to restore THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC.

CERTAINLY NOT whatever supposedly "works for China".

Yeah, right.


Still up voting your post, for others to see and be aware and judge for themselves.

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