Comment: some of it was ok, besides

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some of it was ok, besides

some of it was ok, besides the fact they said nothing about the correlating size of government to the decline of America. They somewhat did by saying eventually the capitalists take over... which isnt true... they are the socialists that took over... the elite are socialists not capitalists lmao. If the elites were capitalists... wouldnt they want free markets... why would they want more taxes, regulation... if they are so elite... wouldnt they stop those things from making giant monopolies. Or are they socialists who want the government to regulate the market so other competitors cant get in... or tax at 60% because no one can catch up to a large company once they are established with a new large tax rate added. Really no mention that we actually have the largest government ever to exist. 15trillion in debt... unfunded liabilities... reality just doesnt add up to 3/4 this video. They did say something about lowering taxes and following that strategy. There seemed to be mixed messages almost in the video... because of it... it lost credibility. I only know a handful of capitalists in real life lmao in America. They are dogging on themselves it seems