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Comment: Actually, this video makes a great point

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Actually, this video makes a great point

Actually, this video makes a great point although it is somewhat inaccurate in "where did ALL THAT 'money' go"...

... yes, money debasement is directly for the central bankers, planners, and statists to manage quietly the spreadsheets they enslave everybody into - while THEY, DISGUSTING LEECHES, PROFIT directly of the money flows they have redirected to their control, in tight hands and with the big govt's guns to protect them.

The video is only inaccurate, IMO, in the proportions:

it omits or forgets that ALSO A BIG PART of the theft is to sustain FALLACIOUS WELFARISM, EVER GROWING ... because, besides the MSM, the welfarism is THE SECOND BEST TOOL for TPTB to pursue their plans quietly, inconspicuously - keeping "the masses" happily enslaved.

STEALING from the sweat of some to redistribute to others WHO WILL ENDORSE THE SCHEME, because they are beneficiaries.

We are only humans. We are fallible. It takes a lot of morality to NOT MILK the system when we have all the opportunities to do so.

I have never been on welfare for a day in 18 years of my entire worklife. Never dependent on anyone but my own family, on my own savings (or bank debts). But that's not the point, although that sure helps me to stay outraged by the redistribution rhetoric...

I am indeed the perfect COW TO BE MILKED. Until I collapse one day. God forbid. My mother and step father were the same. Never took a penny from the state. While they gave so much.

Still, I can find socialists giving me lessons. "lol"

But, anyway.

Remember, ALWAYS:


It's not just about Circuses. It's also about the bread, the "FREE STUFF".

That's HOW THEY STAY in control of their human commodities.


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