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My loss is just that

mine and mine alone. I brought her death into the subject to merely demonstrate how serious and life threatening the actions of the police can become over something as innocuous as a DUI and not to find some type of sympathy.
Allow me to ask a question. Are you an officer of the court or law enforcement personnel? If you are then you also took an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution. Is there some type of loop hole that allows individuals to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they will respect or ignore? If not then how can we have faith that you won't behave in such a fashion with regards to your oath to Oath Keepers if it becomes personally , financially or politically expedient? Any time an officer slaps the cuffs on an individual at a judges order and without the full support of our Constitution they have a total disregard for the entire Constitution and not just one small inconsequential part. The founding fathers did nothing inconsequential and I get incredibly perturbed at the thought of anyone having the presumptuousness to believe they have the right to bend the true intent of the authors to their own agenda.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.