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Comment: I don't agree with it and it's not how I see it

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I don't agree with it and it's not how I see it

The creator does not give rights. The creator gives condititions that are beyond the natural abilities of human beings. The creator gives life, free will (Liberty), Church and Commandments (Pursuit of Happiness, because being close to our God is happiness). Our human conditition is OF the creator.

The declaration aknowledges there is a higher power, "unalienable" condition they transform into a "Right", so they can establish grounds as a government BY AND FOR we the people, with all due respect to that which is UNALIENABLE (nothing they can do about it).

LF will tell you that the constitution has never been implemented because slavery never ended, just changed from being for whites only. Seems to me, NOI would like to see constitutional government for ALL people, they are everyday people too.

"To secure these rights" means to PROTECT THE RIGHTS (unalienable condititions (RIGHTS)... this is telling us HOW unalienable rights will be protected. "Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just consent of the governed." It is not what rights are protected by government.

I stand that the government's job is to protect our rights, not us, and that's why the government needs to protects the people's right to bare arms and not infringe.

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