Comment: this is what i basically said to mark and other leaders.

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this is what i basically said to mark and other leaders.

this is what i basically talked about with Mark Baisley and i repeated many of these points. He knows the bs pulled on us at conventions/caucus and is not happy.

If he and other republicans do not listen to these points? We won't have to worry about the gop or any republicans running in colorado.

I think he understood clearly what i was talking about and he knows we have the voter base to back it up over the last 20 years. We are not going backwards. FORWARD FOR LIBERTY , Accountability is what will eventually change the gop or they will be the whigs.

general statement i have made to any republican voter or leader.

"A note to ALL Colorado Republicans, I will say this again and again until gop leadership gets it or reads their own platform. No Republican will win colorado again in a presidential election until they support individual liberty and the colorado constitution. Opposing liberty,individual rights,COLORADO CONSTITUTION and 2/3 of the voters in colorado will guarantee more loses at the local,state and presidential level . As a Republican i would hold all republicans accountable locally and state and inform the largest voting block in colorado on their positions from local to state rep,dem or indy. The line in the sand has been drawn. If the gop wants to continue to lose elections like they have been. Ignoring the largest voting block in colorado and ignoring the republican platform will guarantee losses . Then the cogop will lose more seats then they gain by default. Mark my words or continue to lose. We need Republicans with Principles that follow the republican platform not ignore it."

personally i think that sums up colorado in a nutshell so unless the gop has plans to create a new state to counter the lost colorado state and electorals. All we are asking is the gop leadership to follow the platform and stop the cheating and lies. not much at all. ps maybe that is their plan to create a new state since they are losing colorado by default since they do not follow their own platform. some sarcasm in the ps.

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