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Point is still valid even if the details are not

It is unfortunate that when exact predictions are off that the whole underlying premise may be discredited.

Just think for a moment of the absolute panic the small non-violent Tea Party and Occupy Movements seem to have caused among our rulers. They used every tactic of the police state(short of troops in the streets and shipping people to camps) like media manipulation/propaganda, spying and infiltration, pre-emptive detention, beatings, mass arrests, and declaring protesters terrorists against them.

And sorry, but anyone who fails to see that Occupy with the fear it created/exposed, and not Sandy Hook is the true motivation for the sudden outbreak of gun grabbing is blind.

So if the response to something as small and peaceful as Occupy was that strong, what do you think is going to happen the first time there is a huge Greek style mob in the streets of a U.S. city?

NDAA and other repressive laws like it weren't passed for nothing.