Comment: Whittle, along with his PJTV

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Whittle, along with his PJTV

Whittle, along with his PJTV friends, are neocons, no denying that. But he still gets a lot right on things unrelated to foreign policy.

He's one of those people, who, although he doesn't have all the answers, does an excellent job of exposing the left as complete morons and liars.

He's pro constitution, but not sure what he thinks of the Liberty Movement... he's pro Capitalism, bet I've never heard him talk against the Fed or sound very "Austrian."

Not sure what he thinks of Ron Paul (except I know he disagrees on foreign policy) and he said a vote for anyone but Romney (after Romney won the GOP nomination) would be a wasted vote.

Basically, he reminds me of me before I was part of the "Liberty Movement" or "R3VOLUTION"... it's possible his views could change as mine did. Let's not burn him for not being pure in the meantime... he would be a great addition to our cause.