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It's interesting...

It's interesting to see, especially in this video, what is going on. You can truly see the complete "trying to round up both sides approach." And the most interesting part is that it seems to be working.

While Ron seemed to come with the 'liberty' following and try to bring in the 'repub' following, it seems Rand is trying to come with the 'repub' and try to bring in the 'liberty.'

If you have met Rand and Ron, and had a chance to speak with them, you know how similar the two really are on the issues. And while I will not say that I am voting for Rand for sure, as I don't know who all will be running as of now, I definitely will not rule him out.

I think this is very interesting to see how Hannity treats him so friendly/buddy-buddy. It seems the mainstream in-roads are definitely being laid, and he is attempting a similar yet opposite approach to his father.

Obviously, we should all keep an eye on his voting record; but take note of how the more 'mainstream' treat him. Like I said, Ron came with the 'liberty' in a smack-down style. Rand is coming with the 'repub' and slowly sneaking in the liberty. It'll be interesting to watch over the next few years.