Comment: At the 2008 RNC I met you at the Ron Paul Delegate Reception

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At the 2008 RNC I met you at the Ron Paul Delegate Reception

and many others! Once you meet someone, you gradually connect their moniker to their given name, and here in Oregon we are still all working together for the cause of Liberty.
I do have email contact with quite a few that I met during the 2008 RNC and I have met some of them in person. Fishy and Mark were delegates from Idaho, and I met them at some of the Idaho events as well. ("Someday", Lord willing and the crick don't rise, I am going to shock Fishy by accepting her invitation to "soak buns" in one of the wonderful hot springs in Idaho)
I met some of the DP friends in person at a Liberty event in Reno last year, and enjoyed seeing them again at the Ron Paul campaign event in Vancouver, WA. We met again, standing in the pouring rain from the hurricane passing through at Whiskey Joes in Tampa Florida last fall!
Daily Paul is where so many of us go to find the latest world news. We also learn from each other the things that will be important to survive the economic downturn.
You started this website to support Ron Paul, and it is changing as needed to support those of us who have educated ourselves in the past few years.
Thank You!!