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Genuine versus Counterfeit

If it is false consent, as in "manufactured consent" (see Noam Chomsky or a study of Edward Bernays or countless other insights into false consent or counterfeit consent), then it is not Consent vs Control.

In terms of Monopoly versus Competition or Legal Crime versus Liberty there is ONE (crime) Routine versus MANY (moral) solutions.

I like Ron Paul as a future Benevolent Dictator, one who would enter the Castle and open the doors to any moral competitors, and by that peaceful Revolutionary victory (no glory), the good guys would drive out the bad guys soon enough, because people (not suffering from manufactured consent) choose better for worse naturally.

I have yet to do the welcome homework project "Season of Treason" but it looks so far like typical Common Law versus Admiralty Law stuff, but notice, please that this person, like so many, are misdirected because they misunderstand that time period between 1776 and 1788, which is much more important (as far as I can tell: much more instructive) compared to any time after 1788 - here in America.

Much can be discussed from this point of focused interest.

Save to say, rather than Ron Paul OR any Common Law instructor, how about both, they are competitive ways around the Monopoly Power, the more (moral) the better.

Why pick only one way to skin a cat? One way is better than none?

Noam Chomsky on Manufactured Consent