Comment: Statist-Lite

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The GOP is a statist party and does not work to secure individual liberty. Rand Paul terms himself as a Libertarian-Republican, or a Constitutional-Conservative, which equates to a 'lite-statist'.

He confirms this in his comments with Hanniturd.

Take what he says on the 'drug war'. He claims that the federal government has the 'prerogative' (the just authority) to 'tell you' it is not good, but that 'the state' should be more 'lenient' if you act as an individual and choose not to follow 'the state's' laws prohibiting your free choice, meaning some other 'state sanction' than hard prison time.

Statist-Lite, just as the GOP is statist. Some who are cast as the savior or the solution for Liberty, are merely an establishment acceptable (marginally or tepidly) 'lite' version of the larger entity and the over-riding philosophy and ethic that drives it.

Flame on.