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I have real life friends who all read this. I haven't met anyone on here but have appreciated all the opinions. I didn't get an account until recently, seeing as by the time i viewed a post, someone had already posted my general thoughts followed by a series of counterarguments by other DPers usually. I went and seen Dr. Paul when he went to Utah Valley University a couple months ago.. I'm sure there were a few DPers there besides the car full of people i took though. Utah is so republican that not much can be done to change things here, but there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters around still, we out signed Romney during the last election here in our part of Utah which was awesome... We did have Mike Lee though and I always thought he was a good one. Without DP I don't think I would have faith in a change for the good anymore.. After the last horrible election cycle, all the horrible policies we are undertaking. So thanks everyone.