Comment: Rand made a really good point

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Rand made a really good point

Rand made a really good point when he said that the system beats you down as a senator. It made me think about my oroginal position that I am against term limits. Because then if we elect good senators we have to make them leave? But then again. But think about it.. I now think term limits for senate should be 6 years. 12 is just too much i feel like.

It keeps new people coming in so new people have to run every election. which makes for a more informed public since they aren't used to shoeing back in the original guy. And it prevents people from pursuing it as a career where they just use big money to get them elected and then rig the system in their favor.. They won't have time to rig it in their favor since they can't get re elected. So i'm close to changing my opinion to having term limits. but they should be REAL term limits.. like 1 term only. but then.. the question is.. We'll lose people like ron or rand! Thats my only block when considering this. But I think good people will have more incentive to run if they know they won't be going against the same rino or dino again and again