Comment: Hecho en Mexico, Hecho en Waco

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Hecho en Mexico, Hecho en Waco

Yes, Mexican coke is bad to the bone delicious. It's also more Eco-friendly because it's contained in a glass bottle. My husbands aunt has a Mexican coke machine, in fact (we live in Tejas) and it's the most refreshing coke in all the land.

On another note, I highly recommend Dublin Dr. Pepper, you might not be able to find it in the original label (b/c Dr. Pepper sued them which is laughable) but it's also made from cane sugar and is the most delicious Dr. Pepper you will ever drink. Bush's chicken in Waco actually has it as their fountain soda.

Yes, sugar quotas should be abolished, high fructose corn syrup is man-made chemicals.....aka poison.

Excellent topic!