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Comment: I don't know how you define "rewarded".....

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I don't know how you define "rewarded".....

But to me, it's not "foregoing two years worth of opportunity costs to book a loss of 40% on physical holdings of silver".

Especially considering it was a clear-as-day blowoff top, there were people out there, even gold seek and such, saying "avoid this for a while, bacause it's going to be messy", including to literally point out that using a crazy justification like "buying silver will crash JPM" as a rationalization for paying all time nominal high prices for a non-yielding asset... well, it's just pure craziness.

Max Keiser is a blow-hard, obnoxious, arrogant weasel who still believes that government is the font of all prosperity and loves to blame the symptoms and not the causes. I listened to him a few years ago because he was great at railing on the bankers, but that's as far as he went and then it was a blank check for our wise, benevolent overlords. It's childish, at best.

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.