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Comment: I write words (in an open forum) and you turn to curses

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I write words (in an open forum) and you turn to curses

hahahaha -- "emote much"

Everything you said was I wouldn't know where to begin.

Here's what I'm saying (summarized):

According to all Rothbardians / Misesians / RP-himself our freedoms have been stripped, each year (every year getting worse), since 1912.

I'm arguing that since Women, Poor Whites, Indians, and Blacks in many and in some cases IN ALL instances could not vote in 1790 -- they could not avail gov't for "benefits" (as did the Founders) and as for Blacks-Indians-Women their "lot" did not become "a little" till the 1920's.

Ignoring Broken Treaties, Stolen Generations, Stolen Lands, Jim Crown, Women's Suffrage, Black Codes, and Gerrymandering from 1860 on.

Also EVERY SINGLE Paulian - Rothbardian - Misesian all-to-the-one argue that OUR RIGHTS have been lessened from 1912 to 2000 and worse-so (as each group argues) from 2007 to 20012 (thanks Obama).

IF THEY ARGUE THAT (and they do -- as did the Judge today, yesterday, and everyday since 2007) then all actions taken to "thwart" boom-bust-corporatist cycle HAS FAILED.

Why is it hard to say it -- either we have some measure of GREATER FREEDOM from our efforts OR WE DO NOT.

I have NEVER ONCE since 2007 heard one Paulian argue that we are better off "now that" (xyz effort has been made).

RP has argued that our dollar has fallin every-day, in value, since 1912 and worse since 2000.

Either it's true, the valuation mechanism all assets are termed in, is declining or IT IS FALSE.

Insert Einstein's definition of insanity and MAYBE we should think out-side-the-box?

Call me crazy and curse me -- you'd have to ignore reality to do so.

I'mmmmm the bad guy? For pointing out that what has been attempted has not brought one iota of greater freedom? Seriously? I'm the worse?