Comment: I'm black-indian-irish -- I'm freer on all counts NOW then were

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I'm black-indian-irish -- I'm freer on all counts NOW then were

my ancestors in 1860.

Most whites could not vote in 1790.

All women could not vote. 1920ish

Most all blacks could not vote 'till 1920ish.

Indians could not vote 'till 1920ish.

Blacks could not arm themselves 'till 1920ish -- in a militia sense.
---1000 or so hung per year for 40 years, un-abated.

Every president (including Washington) circumvented the Constitution.

So you think, given all that, that Lincoln (by himself) killed 600K people? He's the worse?


You need to READ the arguments the Wealthy South made about going to war -- in every case (every state) sign-up for the CSA Constitution (which declared that slave expansion into western states and within their own states was ADMISSIBLE and IRREVOCABLE.

The Upper 6% took "us" to War then and they take us to War now -- there's no "special" bad politicians -- they all circumvented the Constitution.

Lincoln however made rape-sodomy-selling off-forced abortions illegal by ending slavery -- the WEALTHY Upper 6% of the South could have found another way to earn a living; that debate was 100 years old. Poor whites in the south suffered under the decision tree of the wealthy whites -- as has been the case for all euro-american history (predominately the case -- there are all types of wealthy people today but still the Upper 6% is 98% white).