Comment: " And BTW when did people in

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" And BTW when did people in

" And BTW when did people in this country become so insensitive to horses? I thought as a nation we were more sophisticated than 3rd world countries when it came to animals."

I'm not really sure what 'sophisticated' means in regard to animals. Are vegetarians more 'sophisticated' b/c they don't eat beef & I do?

When I lived in Montana I had a number of buffalo burgers and here in Louisiana, I certainly have had my share of alligator meat. I also eat chicken, cows, an array of fish/crustaceans/shell fish, pork, turkey, & lamb regularly. On occasion I've had venison, snake, frog, duck, and quail - I don't see it as an issue at all. In New Orleans there is a bug museum w/t a bug chef who fed me farm raised crickets, termites...and a few other bugs.

If I were in a local that served other foods (assuming I could reasonably trust the quality/cleanliness of the product), I'd eat horse, donkey, lama, eel, whale, elephant, dog, cat, camel, parrot, bear or most anything else.

I won't eat human of course, and thinking about it just now I'd probably prefer not to try any great apes either, though if some culture ate them I wouldn't think them barbaric and might be talked into giving it a try.