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You Need To Read

"The REAL Lincoln". It didn't go down the way you think just because they taught it to you in public schools. Lincoln wanted to send all black people out of the country to get rid of them but then saw the opportunity to use the slave issue to his political advantage. Slavery had already been abolished in most other countries (peacefully) and Lincoln knew it was soon to happen in the US as well so he jumped on the chance to use it against the south. Besides that, you are NOT freer now. If you work then you are a wage slave, you are told how to live what to buy and what to eat. If you drive you are a slave to the oil companies. If you don't work you are still a slave to the stores AND THE GOVERNMENT. Lincoln started the end of the Republic and the beginning of the tyranny we call government now. It's sad when even people on DP still buy into the propaganda!