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If you support Ron Paul

then you believe that voting and lobbying MUST lead toward liberty -- if you voted and lobbied for him.

In 1860 ('till 1920ish) "my people" could not vote.

If your family is of poor whites going back to 1790 then most of them probably couldn't vote either -- in some states catholics couldn't vote and there were also asset restrictions on voting (in most states back then).

If you think voting and lobbying is the pathway to consumer-sovereignty then you CAN'T think "my people" (and probably most of yours -- all your women anyway) were FREER back then.

If you think that LIBERTY means the right to bare arms, purchase whatever you wanted, and own assets (pass inheritance etc) then how could you think prior to Lincoln "my people" (or yours -- all your women for sure) was a freer period.

According to Mises consumer-sovereignty is the basis of liberty (free-markets) -- could blacks buy what they wanted, Indians, come and go as they chose?

Was all of slavery built off of debt -- yes it was -- so wealthy whites (in the south -- who wanted to expand slavery), not paying for the full-cost of slavery (it was gov't backed and subsidized), and owing to Factorage (or is Fractorage) were BY YOUR DEFINITION "slaves" as well -- SO NO ONE WAS FREE.

You cannot have a partial consumer-sovereignty -- either all consumers (people) are free to consume as they wish or they are not.

Could blacks and Indians own and carry guns freely -- can we now?

We are differently enslaved now -- yes -- but rape-sodomy and the selling off of ones children is far far far far far worse then what we have today. Women are freer today so are Indians.

I'm not saying I like it -- I have family in Cuba -- let them tell you who is freer Americans or Cubans.

I'm just thankful all those people fought for my freedom -- wish it could have gone differently; but the Upper 6% of the South wanted slavery and their debt-dependent profits to expand westward and wanted rape-sodomy-etc (slavery) to be UN-ABOLISH-ABLE (according to the CSA Constitution) and that's not Liberty (in Ron Paul terms).