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Google "Operation Bernhard"

Although the Nazi's abandoned the plan because the Luftwaffe could not spare the required aircraft, it may give you some idea as to the absurdity of this idea.

Instead of "Operation Bern-hard" we could call it "Operation Bern-anke"!!!


What is a Note?

Once upon a time, people used precious metals as a means of exchange. Rather than keep their wealth at home they deposited the excess wealth into a bank, this was much safer as it would be secured in vaults or strongboxes.

For this service the banks used to charge a storage fee and - if required - a further fee for insurance against theft.

When a customer deposited their property into the Banks, they were given a Note, this Note was a receipt and proof of ownership representing the amount stored.

If a customer deposited 10 ounces of gold, they would be given a Note (or Notes) made out to represent that amount - in weight - as a receipt.

When a customer wished to withdraw his/her property they would produce the Note (piece of paper given as a receipt) that represented the amount - of their property - they wished to have returned to them.

The Note was not the money, it merely represented the wealth (owned by the customer) stored in the Bank.

As the Notes were not individually written out to include the owners name but instead were written out to represent an amount in weight, anyone in possession of the Note could take it to the bank and withdraw the amount it represented.

To save the time and trouble of a journey to the bank every time somebody wished to trade, people started to exchange the Notes instead. ("you can take that to the bank")

The notes were still not the wealth, they still only represented the real wealth stored in the Bank.

As time went by the Bankers realized that while people were using the Notes for trade and exchange, they rarely felt the need to take physical possession of what the notes represented.

It was this realization that led those enlightened to the advantages it would bestow upon them, to issue the first fraudulent paper Notes (that represented NOTHING of value in the REAL world) and lend them into the market place in return for something REAL.

And so began the parasitical transfers of wealth and the power it afforded those who controlled it's flow...

What Has Government Done to Our Money?