Comment: consumer-sovereignty?

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I'd like to know more about your ideas on "consumer-sovereignty."

My husband and I have decided that putting our money in better places is one of the things we CAN change. So far, we've switched our mortgage from one of the bailed-out banks to a local credit union. We stopped using our bailed-out-bank credit card.

Now we're trying to decide if our 401K, which is doing well and is not with a company that took a bailout or has been involved (as far as my research skills go) with shenanigans, should be left alone or if we should bite the 20 percent penalty to pay off the bad-bank card. This bankcard is tied to the airline we use most. We fly a lot so we get a few award flights a year. We'd like our airline to do business with a better bank so we wouldn't face that conundrum. But alas...

I'd be most interested in thoughts on how to best place savings and debt. I'm interested in an approach that feeds off the idea that if everyone did thus-and-such, we'd change the financial marketplace.