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for the detailed response.
I didn't mean to infer that women SOLELY make bad relationship decisions. Men make equally bad decisions. I am living proof of that. I guess the reason I used the woman instead of "Battered Person Syndrome" is because they seem to be more forgiving, and more tolerant in attempts to try and stick it out hoping there will one day be change.

Anyway, I think focusing on gender kind of gets lost in the minutia and misses the overall point. I didn't think that I just "blamed the perpetrators." It's a mutual relationship that I tried to include myself in.
If I had a nickel for every time someone posted a rant during the campaign about "what Levin, O'reilly, Beck, Hannnity, etc. said," I'd be a rich man. I didn't find myself as affected by their antics as I did in the '08 campaign. There was a lot of misspent energy going and attacking their Amazon book ratings, or various articles. It just caused more blowback than good. It got to the point where these cretins would purposefully insult Dr. Paul just because they knew they could get a rise out of us. Just one mention of a "fake eyebrow" and thousands of people would swarm like killer bees.
The point I was really trying to make was to try and get "some" people to think about where energy is best focused at this stage of the game.

We are staring down the barrel of a possible financial collapse and major civil unrest. I just want people to take care of their health, their sustainability, and their sanity to try and endure whatever the uncertain future holds. I don't fault people for wanting to try and make changes in the GOP. I just want them to make sure their own essentials are met before they expend more energy in that direction. As my mom likes to say "Jesus blessed his own whiskers first."

(IDK if my response made any sense either, but I thought I would at least make an attempt to clarify)