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I hear you. And using

I hear you. And using "battered women" was genius in getting folks discussing, even if it sideswiped your point a bit. I do believe that's called good marketing.

I guess the part I take issue with is that there's any such thing as making sure our own essentials are met before acting. Whether with the GOP or anywhere else. Conjure up all the classic heroic tales. It is rarely the guy who has it all together and wants for nothing who's called to engage. We all work from fragility, from inadequate resources and skills.

To wait and hold out for some sublime window when we're in full health, resource laden, and certifiably sane...well, wouldn't that be a tad boring? Wouldn't we be thrust into constantly assessing our health, resources, and sanity? Why not just proceed? Despite weakness, because of weakness, whatever.

One of my father's recent wisdom-isms kind of flies in the face of your mother's -- at least as I understand it; never heard that one. "You could spend years overcoming your weaknesses, or you could decide to pursue your strengths."

I like this idea: don't hide behind what you feel inadequate about; just go do what you're good at. Too much navel-gazing and trying to fix ourselves going on, I'm thinking. Who cares what you're bad at? Do what you're good at; the bad stuff will probably sort itself out along the pursuit.