Comment: We've Gotta Stop Accepting this "Either/Or" Premise

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We've Gotta Stop Accepting this "Either/Or" Premise

Many of us are buying-into the same old false choices.

I've had my doubts about Alex Jones for a while- after listening to this interview (in the context of having listened to Savage in the past), I don't have doubts any more.

Alex joins is a Zionist shill- and so is Michael Savage. Just two whores pumping a book of Zionist propaganda.

It's time for us to fully wake-up.

The Zionists "invented" Communism. It was a useful tool toward their ends.

What the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians is awful and atrocious- but that doesn't make Muslims the "good guys". Islam is about as far from the God-given Individual freedoms that we all espouse as one can get. Islam is an enemy of freedom.

Communism is obviously no friend to Individual liberty. It's the very antithesis. As much as he's been ridiculed- McCarthy was right. There was (and is) a Communist behind every tree! And now- they're all in our government. The Chinese happen to be currently "carrying the torch".

The Zionists aren't the "good guys". They're just working to set the stage for us all to kill one another. They would love to see a global war between Christ's church and Islam. Where's the love in that? Where does that uphold God's principles?

Zionism- Communism- Islam- they're ALL tools of the Devil and I don't support any of them.

I'm Libertarian- but I guess I'm just not Libertarian enough to support evil.