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I plan on it!

Last night was great! I have a good story to go along with it, if you have a minute.

One of my friends who was there last night had already attended a previous caucus in our county. He told me that at the caucus he attended, one of our local campaign for liberty people was trying to call points of order because the establishment guys were just running over everyone. He told me that one of the talking heads who was running the show got up and shouted at the woman and told her to "sit down and shut up." My friend got so mad that he stood up and said "no YOU sit down and shut up! Don't talk to that woman like that!"

The best part about the story is that my friend said he saw that same establishment guy at the caucus last night, and he was visibly upset about the number of C4L people we had there. They know we're taking over!!!! Get involved locally!

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